The conference takes place in auditorium "Oehoe" of building "E" at the Campus Coupure of Ghent University, the main campus of our Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Coupure Links 653

9000 Gent (Belgium)

How to get to Ghent?


Campus Coupure


Building E


Public transport to Ghent

A second class ticket from railway station "Brussels Airport-Zaventem" towards "Gent-Sint-Pieters" will cost about 21 EUR.

This fare includes the standard ticket (15,60 EUR) and the Diabolo fee (5,40 EUR - supplement for travellers from Brussels Airport - Zaventem).

Parking on campus

There is only a limited amount of parking lots on campus.

Everybody can enter the car park, but in order to leave the car park, you need a coin which you will have to ask one of the organizers of the Opencast Summit.

Public transport in Ghent

Ghent’s public transport is well organised, with a wide network of trams and buses from the railway station Gent Sint-Pieters. We suggest to take tram 4, get off at the stop "Theresianenstraat" and walk to the campus.

Parking in Ghent

Please consider one of the parking garages for long stay parking in Ghent as our preferred alternative.